About us

Brights Vietnam Co.,Ltd is software development group company part of GMO Brights Consulting Inc. that is specialist of Domain Name service and Trademarks. Please contact us for getting in touch with us related to your offshore requests.

Brights Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

  • Occupation: Computer software system development
    • - Internal system application / business oriented application
    • - Web site creation
  • Address: 11F, Maritimebank Tower, 180-192 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, Dist 1, HCM City, Vietnam.
  • Representative:
    • - Yu Motoo (Chief Executive Officer)
    • - Si Shen (Director)
  • Capital: 3.000.000 USD
  • Establishment: May 14th, 2014

GMO Brights Consulting Inc.

Your brand is one of the core elements of corporate management.

We believe that activities designed to bolster the power of your brand can help you gain an edge over your competitors, create strong customer loyalty and maximize shareholder value.

GMO Brights Consulting Inc. looks at the strategic issue of brand power not from a market perspective, but in terms of rights. Using our insight into the potential risks, we propose the actions that you need to take to secure the rights to your brand, and we offer, on an ongoing basis, optimal solutions for securing, maintaining and managing your rights more efficiently and effectively.

  • Company Name: GMO Brights Consulting Inc.
  • Representative:
    • - Ryuji Kozu (Chief Executive Officer)
    • - Mitsuaki Nakagawa (Chief Operating Officer)
    • - Yuta Imai (Director)
    • - Masashi Yasuda(Director)
    • - Tadashi Ito(Director)
    • - Toshinari Yamashita(Director)
    • - Koichi Tachibana (Auditor)
    • - Yuri Konno (Advisor)
  • Address : Cerulean Tower,26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku,Tokyo, 150-8512, Japan.
  • TEL: +81-5784-1069
  • FAX: +81-3-3462-5040
  • Web address: http://brightsconsulting.com/en/
  • E-Mail: info@brights.jp